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By law medical personnel are required to make an attempt to determine what level of treatment you desire in the event of a catastrophic medical emergency.

Our Rapid Retrieval System allows those critical documents to be sent instantly to the treating physician and allows your treatment wishes to be realized regardless of your medical condition.

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Rapid Retrieval

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A Safe... Secure Ö Accessible Ö Online storage of your estate planning documents.

Findthewill.comô is an on-line storage facility for all of your estate planning documents. It provides a safe and secure location that is accessible from anywhere in the world by only those people that you specifically designate.

None of the information that is stored other than your name and designated contacts will be accessible to the general public and no account specific information will be requested to maximize your online protections.

Anyone seeking information about you will need to contact your representatives directly and your representatives will need to contact each institution to access account information.


To provide a road map for your loved ones that they can access when you are gone.

Each year people die and their loved ones are unable to locate important information about the estate because those papers were left in a desk draw, in the back of a closet or some other obscure location known only to the person who just passed away. This can lead to delays and extra costs in concluding the deceasedís affairs. In the worst cases loved ones never receive what was intended for them and the deceasedís estate plan never is followed because these documents are never found.


Simply follow the ____ easy steps in our registration process, pay the one time registration fee and then relax knowing that your loved ones will have an easier time dealing with your personal affairs after you are gone.